Pre & Post Natal Fitness Trainers


Are you a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor or Health Care Professional who is passionate about working with Pre & Post Natal Clients?

Our FFA Licensee programme provides you with the training, resources and ongoing support to be able to integrate our pre written programmes into your current businesses.

Become an FFA™ Pre / Post Natal Trainer

We have developed a range of specialist training programmes based on scientific research, personal experience as mothers and through working collaboratively with health care professionals.  Our Pregnancy & Post Natal programmes have been designed to provide you with a full teaching toolkit for working with Specialist Clients in the Fitness & Women’s Health Industry.  All programme plans, home workouts and client support information has been formulated to provide you with a “ready to go” system to integrate into your current business.

C.P.D & Training

You will receive a comprehensive training programme as part of your induction to becoming an FFA™ Trainer. You will also receive access to our online Instructor Portal for ongoing support.

We also offer an additional route for you to complete your Level 3 Award in Pre & Post Natal Exercise, if you do not already hold this nationally accredited qualification.

Downloads Library

As an Licensed FFA™ Trainer, you will have access to our FFA™ Library which is filled with templates, exercise video library, info-graphics and much more. Having set up our own successful business we have collated a Step By Step guide on all of the paperwork and systems that we believe you
need in place for setting up or growing your new client base.

Discounts & Benefits

At The Female Fitness Academy™ we know that the little things can make a big difference, and that being self employed means you miss out on those incentives and benefits large employees offer. That's why we give every instructor the opportunity to opt into a benefits package including discounts at popular retailers, half-priced cinema tickets, cheap mobile plans, and so much more.


We have a team of business experts providing high quality training and support in key areas of business growth for your business eg Marketing, Social Media, Finance. As FFA™ Instructors ourselves, we know that no matter how great your Fitness knowledge is, without developing your business skills there will always be a ceiling to your success.

meet our female founders

Robyn Ablott & Claire gregory

Co-Founders of The Female Fitness Academy™.  In search of a genuine, no bullsh*t approach to fitness for mums, Claire & Robyn developed the FFA Specialist Training programmes.

What Our licensees say


Most frequent questions and answers

The Female Fitness Academy™ have developed a highly specialist training system for Pre & Post Natal clients and therefore, we recommend a charging structure that reflects this.

Based on our recommended pricing structure, FFA™ Instructors have the following earning potential (pcm):

5 FFA™ Fitness Classes per week                              £2000 profit  

10 FFA™ Fitness Classes per week                            £4000 profit  

10 FFA™ Personal Training Clients/week                  £1520 profit

We recommend a combination of classes and 121:

5 FFA™ Fitness classes +10 FFA™ clients/week            £3520 profit

(This is based on 15 hours per week)

We have tried to keep it as simple as possible:

1) Find an instructor course in your local area

2) Complete the Pre-Course Reading & Assessment

3) Attend the Instructor Training Day

4) Receive your uniform and support pack

5) Log on to the Instructor Portal

6) Start your career as an FFA™ Instructor 

As a Personal Trainer / Group Ex Instructor / Health Care Professional, an  FFA™ License will enhance the services that you can offer your clients.  Around 800,000 babies are born per year in the UK alone and so it is an ever growing market.

The FFA™ license will enable you to deliver our methods on a 1-2-1 Pre/Post Natal Training basis, Group Exercise Classes and also as a bespoke Rehab programme.  

Our Pregnancy & Post Natal services have been devised to provide opportunities for all women:

*Pregnancy / Post Natal Fitness Classes

These are our group circuit classes that compliment Personal Training or can be a stand alone option for your clients.  It is also a great way to signpost clients who are looking for specialist Pre & Post Natal services but not sure where to go first and want to “try before they buy” Personal Training.

*1-2-1 Personal Training

As an FFA™Trainer you will be able to train both Pregnancy & Post Natal clients with our pre designed PT programme on a 1-2-1 basis.  You will be given a fully planned 121 Training Plan that you will work through with your clients. 

*Gym Licensed Training

As an FFA™Trainer you will be able to deliver our pre designed classes in approved Gyms & Leisure Centres who hold a corporate license with the FFA.

The FFA™ classes and 1-2-1 sessions will fit perfectly around your current client base/class schedule.

The Female Fitness Academy™ programmes have been developed by MSK Rehabilitation & Pre/Post Natal Specialists who have worked closely with women’s health professionals to provide a safe, yet highly effective training programme for women.  

Pregnancy & Post Natal Exercise is very specialist and there are many contraindications and risks that general exercise can pose to these women. 

Having an FFA™ License demonstrates to your clients the depth in your knowledge and understanding of the changes that Pregnancy & Post Natal exercise can have on the body.  Our programmes have been carefully designed to ensure they support women who are experiencing common issues such as:

*Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

*Abdominal Separation

*Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction

In an ever growing, competitive Fitness Industry, having an FFA™ license sets you apart from other fitness professionals.

Depending on the route you are taking to become an MTM™ instructor, the price will vary:

1) Already hold a Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Qualification

Instructor training fee: £350.00

Monthly License Fee: £49.00 (or paid annually £550)

2) Do not already hold a Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Qualification

Instructor training fee (Including Level 3) £650.00

Monthly License Fee: £49.00 (or paid annually £550)

Minimum of 12 month License 

Once you have signed up as an FFA™ Instructor you will be able to:

*Use the FFA™ Logo and Branding 

*Deliver our specialist Pre & Post Natal Training programmes

*Access our Expert Hub which is our online support platform for instructors which includes:

      – Marketing materials

      – Exercise Video Library

      – Monthly Webinars

      – Expert Advice 

      – Resources 

      – Commission on sales of products